What clients say...

“Ken Bendat is one of the most knowledgeable and gifted herbalists I have ever known. Time after time, merely by looking at my tongue and reading my pulses, he has managed to pinpoint the source of my body’s imbalance and then conjure up a magical formula to resolve the imbalance quickly and effortlessly. I highly recommend him.” — Nancy Marie  – author of Passage of Change, A fable based on the research of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and the creator of the I Create What I Believe! program

I have been a patient of Ken Bendat since 2008 for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. I was not new to Chinese Medicine so when I moved to Ashland I wanted to establish a relationship with a practitioner in my new community. Ken was recommended by a friend and, from my first visit, I was pleased with the functioning of his office and the treatment I received. Ken demonstrated a sincere desire and commitment to be helpful to me with my chronic condition. He custom mixed a powder that magically relieved me, to this day, of one of the most annoying MS symptoms, chronic constipation, which had troubled me for decades…  (cont.)

…when I sustained a compression fracture from a fall in 2009, the regular Acupuncture I received from Ken was the only thing that helped with the considerable pain I was in. I highly recommend Ken Bendat for his breadth of knowledge, his kindness, and his personal attention to one’s medical problem      Meg Spinella

Ken has been my acupuncturist here in Ashland for nearly 23 years. I would not even consider going to anyone else. His spot-on diagnoses coupled with his comprehensive use of needles, moxibustion, herbs, and other tools of the trade have improved my health on a great number of occasions. Ken’s work on my husband after he suffered a debilitating road bike accident set him on the path to recovery.    S.S.

I have great respect for your uncanny ability to define medical issues that medical school graduates have not helped me with. You have my complete endorsement for your knowledge and help with what are complex and difficult medical issues. My best always to your continued efforts to help people who struggle with modern medicine.    John Breneiser

Ken Bendat has been my acupuncturist for 26 years.  That speaks for itself.  And he has been instrumental in helping me heal health challenges as they have arisen, and more importantly in keeping me healthy through regular “tune ups.”     N.B.

I have had a low back problem for many years. After his initial acupuncture treatment, the pain was totally alleviated. I was actually quite astonished that I could have such relief in so short a time after suffering for so long. The knowledge that I could do something about this discomfort gave me a wonderful feeling of security.  Between the acupuncture and Chinese herbs I feel I am taking care of my problem which may well extend to unexpected side-benefits. An eagle feather to Ken Bendat.     H.G.


Ken amazes me with how much he learns from just reading my various pulses and my tongue.  Ken has been an invaluable resource for suggesting foods that either build up weak meridian systems or that best align with the elements of each season.  I appreciate how conversations with Ken speak about imbalance, never about illness, and how his acupuncture, Chinese herbs, recommended foods, and heartfulness readily restore balance.      Bob Morse

My visits with Ken are always a “spiritual experience” as well as a healing for the body. I move into a deep, expanded, meditative experiences during my sessions with Ken–healing for the mind, body, and spirit!       M.

I started seeing Ken Bendat in 2006 and was very impressed with his skill as a practitioner.   Many acupuncturists are not fully trained in the use of herbs..  My wife has been an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner since 1982 and what I learned from her with her schooling in San Francisco at ACTCM is that to be a really good practitioner of Chinese Medicine it essential to know and prescribe custom herbal formulas in bulk form.  She mentioned a number of times that her Chinese teachers would say that “60% of the healing came from the custom-formulated herbs and 40% came from the needles”…  (cont.)


…the needles and the custom herbal bulk formulas work as a system together.  Every patient is different and every patient has a unique herbal formula that will work best for their particular condition at a given  time.  Just like a fingerprint; no two are alike.  Ken knows this and he customizes a formula for you, your body, and your current medical condition so that you can achieve optimum results with your health… (cont.)

…the fact that Ken has  studied extensively in China is worth noting.  I feel that only by being immersed in the Chinese culture, working side-by-side with traditional Chinese practitioners, and  having the hands-on experience with patients in that culture can give a traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner the depth and breadth of knowledge that is needed to successfully bring that ancient healing wisdom from China to the West.  Ken will be a great asset for you as you continue your healing journey.          Doug Munro  Ashland, OR

I was first introduced to Ken and acupuncture with TCM when I had a foot/leg injury that would not heal.  After a month of little to no progress with healing, one treatment with Ken had me putting weight on my foot again.  After two weeks of bi-weekly treatment I was beginning to walk again. He helped me through this difficult time and over the past 7 years I have continued to see Ken as life hands other physical or mental challenges or just for a tune up!  I appreciate Ken’s years of experience and the gentle, kind and straight forward approach.  I am ever grateful for an amazing source for healing and transformation.    dm

I have been seeing Ken Bendat for acupuncture and herbal treatments for over ten years.  He has shown extraordinary interest in my well-being during every appointment.  

Ken’s knowledge of herbs and how they work with the body is remarkable.  He has a way of fine-tuning herbal treatment to compliment the effects of acupuncture for long-lasting effect.  Also, his expert methods with acupuncture needles are very comforting. 

I enthusiastically recommend Ken to anyone seeking acupuncture and herbal treatment!

Bill Welch  –  President / Designer – Deluxe Awning Company

Ken has been my acupuncturist for over 20 years.  He has been the mainstay of my health maintenance program this whole time.  He has helped me with such issues as nerve damage from an automobile accident, digestive issues, shoulder pain from fly fishing and sporting clay shooting as well as anxiety over the loss of my wife of 43 years to breast cancer.  

Ken’s overwhelming strength over traditional American medicine is that he is able to look at the whole picture.  He uses both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to address both the root cause as well as the related issues which surround a health symptom.  For example, he treats stomach issues as they relate to all the surrounding organs– the gall bladder, the liver, and the intestines.  American medicine recommends “take a tums.”

Finally, Ken’s strength as a herbalist is second to none.  Both his knowledge and his skill in combining herbs to deal with health issues is exceptional.  This ability is both an art and a science.  Most acupuncturists are able to read and follow a meridian chart, but combining the needles with the herbs is a different level of care.        Jerrold J. Merchant, PhD      Professor Emeritus    Dept of Communication   Southern Oregon University

my experience with ken began with an amazing result in the treatment of my wife’s injured foot. After weeks of no improvement, one treatment with Ken showed amazing results! I was convinced then that acupuncture could be effective.  I decided to ask Ken for a boost in my effort to become sober after 20 years with an alcohol dependency. I had been sober for a week when I went to see him and I genuinely feel he helped me seal the deal!  I’ve now been sober for over 5 years and Ken will always hold a special place in my heart for his role in my sobriety.       thanks Ken!      mm